Apologies are for chumps, preserve your pride, move on


Throughout history mankind has never failed to hurt or wrong one another.

It’s written in the DNA of all humans.

zachONLINEMankind punishes and polices the ugliness of man by consequences fitting to the act, an endless cycle of action and reaction.

With consequences there’s an added desire for people to expect the wrongdoer to feel guilt from the wrongdoing and to fol- low through with an apology.

Guilt and consequences are real and people must face them on their own.

Apologies are blatant lies we tell each other to save face and manipulate an attempt to reestablish trust. And perhaps the oldest form of political correctness.

It’s like the law, there’s very few crimes that exist without intent, and when someone intends to do something, they’re not going to feel bad about it unless caught.

Who does apologizing help?

If my car was stolen, I don’t care about the person who stole its feelings, I just want my car back and them in jail. And they for sure didn’t care about mine as they did it.

As with anything, the actions were meant to be committed regardless at the time what anyone felt, getting caught doesn’t change those feelings other than the wrongdoer feeling dumb.

Then there’s apologizing for feeling or saying things abnormal to the majority.

Never allow anyone to make you feel bad for being you.

The world is a humongous place filled with billions of people, nothing will be the same.

However, there is one simple exception, and where apologies are necessary.

Honest accidents, such as spilling some water, or bumping into a stranger. Without those apologies, things could get bad fast if the other thinks it was purposeful.

Simply put, apologies help no one, the person saying them doesn’t mean them, and those believing are getting conned into trusting someone they shouldn’t.

Stand up for what you believe and stick by your action, the world is getting to be sensitive expecting everything to tightly knit and pretty, when it’s a grimy rough unapolo- getic cruel universe we live in.