Paint prep goes bad


The Budd Building painting project got off to an unpleasant start after week- end pressure washing caused water dam- age.

Power washing was done by TA Paint- ing, a subcontractor to the painting con- tractor CNW Construction, Inc. over the Sept. 12-13 weekend.

The washing to prep the surfaces for painting broke electronic locks, as well as defacing columns and wood railings.

“It’s disturbing and grabs my attention,” said Alejandra Albor, who added that she almost tripped because of the aftermath.

At least one instructor lectured in a hallway due to the mess. Others com- plained about not being notified. The facilities office said a computer glitch prevented proper alert to Budd regulars.

Students now are likely seeing struc- tures marked with green or orange in- dicating the need for repair or replace- ment. “Students and faculty are still impacted on the 2nd and 3rd floors,” said Stacy Pinola, Facilities Planning & Environmental Compliance Manager in an email interview.

Dehumidifiers were put in place to pull water out of effected walls and floors.

Pinola said the dehumidifi-ers were removed Monday. Delta isn’t paying for the

Pinola said the contractors have taken full responsibility.

“The contractor is paying for the services of Servpro to remove the moisture in the of- fices and classrooms,” Pinola said.

The building is an eyesore, with doors stripped to the metal. A second-floor rest- room sign was missing some of the blue. Elevator signs were on the floor face down in the days after the washing.

There is an estimate of 90 days for the project and repairs to be complete.

The paint work is ongoing.