Self-Made: Millions being made by Millennials in tech industry


Any hobby or talent can make a student a millionaire these days.

Although most new inventions or improvements that turn young 20-year olds into millionaires have to do with technology, it’s usually not with inventing, but improving apps, creating simple games such as Minecraft or designs for websites.

“There is so much potential still in the computer industry and it’s about finding an area that has not been perfected like cloud computing,” said Chris Kirschenman, associate professor of computer science.

As students in college, we are looking and searching for a better future with strong careers in our lives, but what if our strike of gold has been a hobby in our lives already?

Some young self-made millionaires have sold drawings to companies such as MySpace and other websites, showing that something they enjoy turns into a career and a large pay check.

In college we take general education classes to help make us well-rounded students so the possibilities for our creations are endless after being taught a wide spectrum of subjects.

One main reason a majority of self-made millionaires come from the tech industry is the industry is yet to be perfected and is ever changing.

“There are a lot of improvements to still be made with things like the Window files and Mac OS,” said Nathaniel Vutthy, a student at Delta majoring in computer science.

Vutthy said he “wants to be in computer science to help make using these products easier for people in the older generations.”

It’s understandable not everyone is into computers or the “tech world” but we all use technology everyday in some way whether it’s your phone, tablet, iPad or computer.

Being self-made is about creative thinking and the unique way that you see the world through your eyes.