#Trending: ‘It’s lit’


FireWith every generation, we see a new language of slang or jargon. Two of the trending sayings sweeping conversations and social media now are “It’s lit” and “That’s so fire.”

“It’s lit” can be compared to sayings such as “This event is very exciting!” or “Wow! This is overwhelmingly crazy and awesome!”

What originally started as a drug reference, has taken a much broader meaning. “Lit” was first used to describe one’s level of influence under marijuana. It has evolved to now mean “cool,” “fun,” “exciting,” and generally just a good time.

“That’s so fire” is a similar saying.

The adjective “fire” is close in meaning to “cool,” “hip,” “awesome,” “relevant.” Like the previous saying, this originated as a drug reference.

“Fire” would describe the high quality of marijuana. Another factor pushing the use of this saying is the fire emoji from the iPhone. Now that our generation communicates heavily online, emojis have become a big part of everyday language.

Instead of literally saying the words “that’s so fire” people will text “that’s so” and then insert the fire emoji.