Political correctness, the new American culture


America has lost its core values. We live in a society driven by political correctness.

“Politically correct” has become an excuse to point fingers.

It’s allowed people to scrutinize others for entitled opinions.

The traditional American culture that once united our diverse population has disappeared.

Instead, we have everyone criticizing each other for not conforming to “the norm” or what is considered “politically correct.”

The culture of America has transitioned from patriotism to a negative outlook on life and on our country.

People sit behind computer screens and smartphones making judgments about others who don’t share the same opinions.

For example, those who stand by their religious beliefs are often attacked for not supporting gay marriage.

Even though the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage constitutional this year, people still attack those who aren’t on board.

Those who don’t support the minority population of homosexuals are labeled as bigots and ignorant because they’re not “politically correct.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and own ways of life, but we need a common ground where we as Americans can support one another and take pride in our country.

This common ground was once based on tradition, God and country, and a true belief in freedom.

At the same time, many of us who criticize those who don’t have the “politically correct opinion” are supposedly standing up for what is all-inclusive or fair.

Isn’t labeling another person’s views as ignorant or incorrect making you ignorant and non-inclusive? This seems a bit hypocritical.

We’ve become accustomed to walking on eggshells as to not offend anyone.

What happened to the importance of the individual voice? You will never be able to please everyone, so why silence your voice to avoid the few you might disagree with?

We’re all worried about being offensive or having an outlier opinion because it’s no longer acceptable to be either of those. We need to value our individualism and consider all sides of an issue because that is what our country is about.

The United States of America isn’t about being the most open-minded, or catering to every minority’s needs, or propping up every group in the country.

The U.S. has always been about the people. The people are bound to have conflicting opinions.

But what makes us work is the unity of American tradition.

Our history as a nation, the obstacles we have overcome, the importance of the individual and how much heart and fight we are willing to give to preserve what has kept us the greatest nation. Freedom.

We need to move away from pointing fingers to joining hands. It’s okay that we don’t all agree on everything. What we really need to learn is how to put effort into making ourselves better people and contributing to society instead of putting others down.

We are all citizens and we are all Americans.

Let’s have some pride in our freedom and remember why we salute and respect our stars and stripes.