You are what you eat


Choose to eat organically and watch your life change.

When it comes to food, nothing is wiser than choosing organic.

We live in a time when grocery stores are carrying more organic selections and for us, that’s a good thing.

The naysayers might say organic isn’t better for you or that organic is a rip off but I am here to dispel those myths.

Eating organic produce means the food you’re eating wasn’t doused in toxic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. This means the food you are eating is actually safe to eat. According to, 99.5 percent of farm acres expose you to noxious agricultural chemicals.

Organically grown foods are packed with more nutrients. They have more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than conventional food because the soil is sustained more responsibly.

Did you know that organic foods generally taste better? That is because the soil is nourished better.

If you don’t believe me then try an organic Honey Crisp apple or eat the crowns off some organic broccoli.

If you want to avoid GMOs, or genetically modified organisms then organic is the only way to go. An example of a GMO is corn. Chemists from Monsanto have modified corn to be resistant to glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup.

A study by the World Health Organization announced there’s convincing evidence that glyphosate is carcinogenic to humans yet GMO products are still sprayed with Roundup to kill weeds but not the crop.

But what about eating meat? Eating organic meat means that the animal wasn’t given hormones, antibiotics or drugs.

All these chemicals stay in the fatty tissue of the animals. Then a seemingly endless circle happens that stops at us. A big fish eats a medium fish and medium fish eats a smaller fish. That big fish gets turned into animal feed that gets fed to a cow. Then we eat the cow, thus exposing us to chemicals that all started with the small fish.

Keeping the environment in mind, organic is the best for it.

Conventional farming contaminates the soil and water with chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Under organic farming, farms are held to different standards where toxic chemicals are prohibited.

Eating organic is a choice.

It’s a choice I made just out of curiosity of wondering what that little green and white USDA Organic sticker really meant. It’s not that much more expensive and in terms of the benefits, cost shouldn’t be a factor. There are some things you can’t find organic and that’s all right. I’m just saying, make a more conscious choice.