Construction affects daily commuter life


It’s no secret that any student who commutes to Delta dreads their daily drive on Interstate 5.

The construction that surrounding all of the exits when entering Stockton have caused stress upon drivers, as well as multiple vehicle accidents.

The construction has been going on for four years and is supposedly coming to an end within the next few months.

The construction has been on track to extend the number of lanes, and will include a carpool lane and sound walls.

When heading northbound, the disruption of traffic begins at the split of continuing on I-5 to Sacramento or taking Highway 4 into downtown Stockton.

The way they divided is dangerous because drivers don’t know which way to go to get to the Pershing Avenue exit and are constantly swerving over multiple lanes at once, causing many cars to nearly hit them or another car.

Zachary Gwerder, a student who commutes from Tracy said there are dangers of driving in the construction.

“The split in traffic has caused multiple accidents and near misses that I’ve seen. It’s like they forget it’s there or something,” said Gwerder.

Not only are the divides dangerous, but with some people not going the 55 mile-per hour speed limit in the area, they are constantly swerving when it comes to the tight turns and lanes without shoulders.

It endangers other drivers because with the construction walls up, cars have no shoulder to pull over on if something happens or to avoid dangerous drivers.

It’s dangerous for everyone else who commutes. When accidents happen in these areas students better expect to be late or absent from classes.

On Monday, when the first big rainstorm of the season happened, a semi truck tipped while heading northbound on I-5 near Monte Diablo Avenue in Stockton snarling traffic all the way back to Manteca.

It was a mess said student David Miranda, who commutes from Tracy. He said he only inched forward for much of his commute.

“… I had work later that day in all the way in Pleasanton at 2 [p.m.] and didn’t think the traffic would still be bad, but I was wrong. As soon as I got on the freeway I was stopped again in one spot for about 25 minutes and was beyond over it,” he said.