MAKING A CASE FOR YOUNG MILLENNIALS: We continue to shape the future, make strides in the technological world


Millennials are probably the most judged generation in America.

I’m sure you rolled your eyes just reading the word “millennial.”

Labeled as lazy and narcissistic, Millennials have noticed older generations attaching these derogatory words to them.

Millennials were born between the years 1981 and 1997.

It seems Millennials are split between old and young.

And for the most part, the younger half gets criticism from older generations.

It seems Millennials born in the 80s feel like they are in between generations. Many of these older Millennials are married to Gen Xers and feel more connected to the generation before us.

On, a site that connects businesses to professional individuals, a study shows that Millennials are more hard-working, adaptive and entrepreneurial, so why are we thought of so negatively?

Older generations say younger Millennials are always glued to our phones or computers.

Can you blame us?

We were the first generation to grow up with computers and the Internet revolution.

For example, many students did mission projects in elementary school where they had to visit and rebuild their mission.

I didn’t visit the mission, I did my research on Google and made a Power Point presentation about it.

From a young age we were taught to use the Internet.

In second grade, my class was required to do typing lessons and other computer-based activities.

I see it as beneficial that younger Millennials were taught to type and use the Internet, but to older generations we are walking zombies who can’t stop using it.

I agree younger Millennials are a little dependent on our electronic devices.

There’s no need to give an entire generation a negative stigma.

Millennials are bringing fresh new ideas to society, just like the generations before us, and we will continue to innovate the world.

David Karp is the creator of one of the most popular social media sites, Tumblr. Karp is only 29 and is already worth $200 million.

Tumblr brings in 120,000 sign ups a day and is home to 217 million different blogs.

Another Millennial making history is Malala Yousafzai. Born in 1997, Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Prize winner for her activist work promoting female education in Pakistan.

Millenials are hard-working and inspiring to those generations following behind, just like what Generation X did for us.

We are tech-savvy trailblazers for companies who want to keep up with the ever-changing business trends.

We are defining the future.