A couch potato’s guide to the weekend


The four-day weekend is approaching fast.

Spending Thanksgiving with relatives is obligatory. But what about the other three days? What are you going to do? Instead of Black Friday shopping, why not spend those days doing what Americans do best? Recover from your turkey and gravy coma and watch some TV.

But it’s not that easy. You have to prepare yourself for couch sitting or bed laying. Here are some steps to get you going.

First: Make sure you have viewing material. This is the most important step. Since the new Star Wars movie is coming out, now might be a good time to watch the entire saga. Or you could opt for the crowd favorite, Netflix.

Netflix adds new movies and shows every day throughout November.

Hulu is another great option. Hulu streams almost all current television shows and even streams brand new episodes. Just like Netflix, you do have to pay. But, Hulu gives you a free trial for a whole week, which is plenty of time to binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to watch.

Second: If you will be couch sitting, make sure you have a sufficient amount of blankets and pillows. This is crucial. The heater may be on, but these items are strictly for comfort. If you are laying in your bed, then you should have all the pillows and blankets you need.

Third: Make sure ALL remotes are within arms reach. That means every remote. It doesn’t matter if you never use it, you might need it during the next few days. You don’t want to move from your comfortable area just to adjust the volume.

Fourth: Although this marathon of sitting is great, it’s important to keep your blood flowing. So in between episodes or movies, take a moment to stand up and stretch. Maybe run in place, do some arm circles or lunges.

Fifth: Now for food. You’ll most likely be eating leftovers. Maybe invest in a mini-fridge so you can move all of your food into that. Then you won’t have to get up to get food. Beforehand, head over to Costco or any supermarket and pick up a 24 pack of water or your favorite beverage. You’ll obviously need this to wash down those yummy leftovers.
If you feel like those leftovers aren’t going to satisfy your hunger, make sure you research your favorite food joints. Many places have new holiday hours and tend to close earlier. You don’t want to be out looking for food for too long, or else that defeats the purpose of staying in bed all day.
Six: Turn off that phone. You don’t want anyone bothering you during these special three days. The only time you should turn on your phone is if you are ordering food.
Seven: Finally, ENJOY! This is your time to enter pure bliss as you stuff your face with turkey and binge watch your favorite TV show.