Mustang Voice: How early is too early to begin the holiday fesitivies?

“The day after Halloween is kind of early but… Christmas in my opinion is happiness and joy and positive stuff so I don’t think it’s that bad of a thing for it to be out early. I don’t really get bothered by it,” said Willow Johnson.
“Oh it’s never too early. I have literally been listening to Christmas music since mid-July. I love Christmas,” said Sarai Elias.
“I feel like now is too early but it doesn’t really matter. It’s never too soon to start them,” said Ruben Leyva.
“November first is too early. I think a good time would be right after Thanksgiving,” said Olivia Barnett.
“I think it’s probably too early when you start seeing Thanksgiving getting skipped up and just going straight to Christmas right after Halloween. That’s kind of bothersome,” said Aaron Macias.
“It depends on your mood and how strong your Christmas festive heart is. Just go for it. Some people feel for the holiday more than others so it’s really up to the person,” said David Mendez.