Red cup controversy


It’s not really the holidays until Starbucks starts serving their drinks in their famous yearly holiday cups.

These cups began defining the start of the holidays for coffee lovers across the world in 1977.

Up until this year’s cup, Starbucks has released holiday cups with fun and festive designs.

Something is very different about their cup this year and it has really stirred up a controversy.

The cup released on Nov. 1 is a two-tone red cup with no design, rather a blank canvas.

Starbucks created the cups for people to be able to design their own cups with individual style and imagination.

That’s not how some people viewed the cups.

Many Christians took the blank cups as an insult to the Christian faith because the cups lack some type of

Christmas symbol such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, or ornaments.

After the controversy sprang out into the social media world, other Christians began to defend the cup saying it represents “Jesus’ blood.”

Bianca Laboca, a Delta student, shares her thoughts on the controversy by saying, “I don’t see a problem with Starbucks. I feel like the Christian people are taking it the wrong way. I still respect their opinion though.”
Starbucks created the cups with the goal to have artists from all over the world doodle on the cups and create their own holiday cups.

It is actually an inventive way of marketing their brand because they had the #RedCupContest on Instagram where five winners were chosen to receive $500 Starbucks gift cards.

Danny Hutchinson says, “I think that red is just a color of the Christmas holiday time and the Starbucks green logo goes along with the red as Christmas. I don’t think Christians should be entitled that everything has to have Jesus or anything like that on it for the holidays. I mean the colors are there to make it festive. Aren’t the holidays more than just if Jesus is getting credit or not on a coffee cup?”

These Starbucks holiday cups bring joy to so many people around the world every season.

It’s okay that people have opinions about the cups but let’s not take away from what the cups represent — a company that brings happiness to people and the holidays that brings everyone together.