Take advantage of deals, Black Friday provides massive savings


Black Friday is, no doubt, one of It’s on Sunday, Nov. 22.

the most chaotic days of the year. I’m going to buy my mom a $50 From eating turkey to standing skillet for $20.

in line for hours on end to save a buck, I plan to buy it with the points I

the events can get out of hand.
Some may say it’s not worth it, but

others, like myself, say it is and try to get all of their Christmas shopping done without
breaking the

bank. Being a

mother and
a college stu-
dent, funds are extremely tight
on only one income.

I try to make sure money goes as far as possible.

I also feel like it’s an adrenaline rush. They’re so many people going for the same item but you have to get to it first.

Last year I got Beats headphones at an unbeatable price for my boy- friend’s siblings. The Black Friday price was $89, marked down from $149.

This year I plan to go to Sears’ early admission for members only.

earn on the “Shop Your Way” app. The store is having a sweepstakes for all members to earn points towards a purchase or raffle tickets.

Walmart has a one-hour

guarantee available for five differ-

ent items if you’re in line when the store

opens. Once sold out, customers get a voucher.

It does seem like stores are trying to deter fights over items.

One thing I wish Target would do on Black Friday is price match other Black Friday ads.

I can’t be at different stores at the same time to catch all the deals. I don’t just buy things to buy things.

If I find a good deal and I have no use for it, or anyone to gift it to, I donate it to my church or the homeless.