Why we’re thankful


Delta College reflects on reasons for the season

“I am thankful for good friends,” said John Christianson, English major.

“I am thankful for the opportunities I have in life, being able to further my education, having a truck, friends that have stuck with me, and my mom,” said Joseph Nino, undecided but looking into business or law enforcement.

“Having all my family with me,” said Sum Tran, computer science major.

“Being able and having the opportunity to spend the holidays with my family,” said Stephanie Smith, sociology major.

“I’m thankful for my son and his mother, because they are my motivation in life. They are what keeps me going,” said Armando Samaniego, 21, psychology major.

“I’m thankful for the breath in my body, the learning I get to do as a parent, my faith, my family and friends,” said Kelly Coffeey, 36, child development major.

“[I’m thankful for] the computer lab and library, because I can study there and it’s helpful,” said Alohalani Berard, 53, accounting major.

“I’m probably most thankful for food, honestly. Food doesn’t cheat on you with your cousin,” said Mitchell Nguyen, 20, undecided.

“I’m thankful for turkeys,” said Joseph Washington, 19, undecided.

“I’m thankful for living a really easy life,” said Matthew Evangelista, 23, nursing student. “I’m thankful to be alive,” said Juliese Batieste, 19, auto mechanic major.

“I am grateful for being able to eat every day, and have a roof over my head and friends who love and care about me,” said Julie Roberts, 24, international relations major.

“I am grateful for Intervarsity Christian Club on campus and just being able to talk about Christ with them freely and not being persecuted for it,” said Jose Cuevas, 21, education major.

“I’m thankful that things have worked out to allow me to continue my education,” said Kelly Townley, 51, sociology major.

“I would say my family because they’re really supportive of my decisions to be here or do anything, so I would say I’m really thankful for them and my mom does a lot for me,” said Breannah Rueda.

“I’m just thankful for the food that my parents are providing, because most kids don’t have food so I think that’s the best thing,” said Devon Worley.

“I’m thankful that I have an opportunity to get a higher education than high school for such a reasonable price,” said Jay Halva.

“Man, I’m thankful for the house that my parents have put me in right now, for my heater that’s going strong right now, I’m just thankful for life right now,” said Amanpal Singh.

“I am thankful I have an education and that I have a job as a college professor. I can’t imagine a better job than teaching your favorite subject [geography],” said Professor Robin Lyons, geography.

“I’m definitely thankful for the opportunities we have here in America, especially education. Without it, we definitely wouldn’t be able to live the life that we do. I know I complain about how exhausting it is and how much I hate it, but it really is such a privilege to have. So many people around the world fight for education, or are too poor to attend school. Parents have no choice but to send their children to work instead of school just to survive. Although school is stressful, I am so thankful for it because it allows me to obtain knowledge that can aid in my future,” said Breana Ochoa, 20.