Review of the Democratic Debate


The dissection of the long awaited Democrat- ic debate that happened on Tuesday, Oct. 13, has been a large discussion of how the Demo- crats will compete with the even bigger Republi- can Party this year.
At the Democratic debate, the candidates consisted of Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb. This is a very small group compared to the some fifteen republican candidates competing for of- fice in 2016.
Although there were few democratic candi- dates, only two seemed to steal the show, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The two were the only ones who seemed to debate each other while the others seem to barely get a word in.
Around 15 million people tuned into this debate waiting to see and hear something that wasn’t about the GOP candidates.
Although this is very good for Clinton and Sanders, many people are saying Clinton is the true winner.
When Clinton was asked about the email scandal she cracked a smile and simply stated that it was an unnecessary topic and then Sand- ers agreed. Instead of shooting down his oppo- nent when he had the perfect opportunity to he helped protect her.
Unlike Clinton and Sanders, Chafee only spoke around 10 minutes out of a three-hour de- bate, which brought him lower in the polls.
Candidates were able to introduce their stances and plans for issues such as trade, finan- cial reforms, the keystone pipeline, immigration and the second amendment.
People felt as if the questions that democratic candidates were asked weren’t as necessary as the ones asked in the GOP debate.
Considering this was their first debate and re- ally their introduction into the race, we will have to wait and see what more is to come.
Webb announced this week that he decided to drop out of the race