Passion makes you who you are


As I get older, along with all my friends, we get consumed with responsibilities.

Constantly doing the daily grind and juggling a family as well, life can seem to be mundane.

I believe once this happens, we start to lose a lit bit of ourselves.

We lose who we are, what initially and fundamentally defined our core while growing up.

People have qualities about them that define who they are. Often times, you can’t see these qualities because they are innate.

These natural traits were honed while growing up and they trigger happiness, they give an identity.

In my fleeting youth, I learned how to rollerblade. This was 20 years ago.

Say what you may about roller blading but this is who I am.

I lost sight of this in the past few years, I forgot this gave me an identity.

This year, I reconnected with the sport. I bought two new pairs of skates. One pair is used for grinding on the weekends and the other is for commuting to work if the weather permits.

I’ve learned to love the feel of plastic wrapped around my feet, gliding across the pavement on my own accord and the sound of the bearings whirling around.

This is my passion, what’s yours?

You’d have to think back to a time when life was simpler for you.

Maybe you used to draw back in the day for hours on end.

Perhaps you enjoyed writing, page after page.

Or maybe you love running and getting that “runners’ high.”

Whatever it may be, I implore you to actively rekindle your passion.

We all possess traits or talents that make us unique and we’re all different.

It’s these characteristics that make us who we are.

So do what you love in the open or do it in the confinement of your home. If you have to set aside some time or fit it in when you can then so be it.

Just don’t forget the things that make you who you are or the things that bring satisfaction in life.