Muslim students say they feel comfortable on campus


In the past, there’s been situations that involve Islamic culture.

The question that comes up is ethics. How do Muslims feel?

Due to media, people aren’t well informed about Muslim culture other than what media has showed. Delta College has a fair amount of Muslims on campus.

What do the Muslims on campus feel?

Shamca is a first semester student at Delta College, and full-time student at California State University, Sacramento. She said so far she hasn’t felt offended at Delta, but is still analyzing the campus.

After incidences occurred in the past the followers of Islam expressed their feelings about Delta College.

A month ago, Sacramento State had an incident with that occurred with the Muslim group on campus.

There was hate messages spread throughout campus about the Muslim culture.

Sacramento State is a go-to university that students from Delta choose to go after they graduate.

Shamca wasn’t aware of the of the hate texts that happened.

Last semester, and every semester prior for at least the last two years, Delta has seen

Christian extremists come to campus to explain why their religion is the best religion to get close to God.

Over one year ago there was a was a man wandering around Delta tearing down Muslim fliers.

From what has gone by in Delta and places that has a connection to Delta, Muslim students feel indifferent about Delta’s atmosphere.

“The incidences are not a big deal it happens to every individual group,” said Naeem, who declined to give a last name, a Delta student. Naeem said he feels comfortable on campus.
Muhammed Khan, also feels comfortable at Delta College, and feels the past incidences that occurred on campus have little effect on Islamic culture.