Experiencing Grape-Con: Celebrities and locals unite to celebrate new, old comics


I saw a lot of costumes, cosplay and people having fun and taking photos. I ran into a cosplayer, Lauren VonBehren, dressed up as The Joker, and her boyfriend, Jino Ogo, who was dressed as Harley Quinn.

What is your cosplay?
VonBehren: “Well I love the Joker and his evilness I have a big crush on the actual Joker so I wanted to become him to show him my love and then I have my boyfriend here as Harley Quinn because I got to have my love interest you know.”

grapecon2Did you buy your costume online?
VonBehren: “We go around to a lot of thrift stores and pick up the pieces we need and then put all together and will like detail it and stuff and just make it our own.”

I interviewed people as they lined up to get in with their costumes to purchase tickets and waited for the gates to open.

As excitement arose with people entering the Grape City Con, others were roaming around in Chardonnay Hall to see the special guest celebrity, Vincent M. Ward, also known as Oscar from the TV show The Walking Dead.

How is your experience being in The Walking Dead?
Ward: “It was a great experience considering I didn’t know what the show is about and didn’t know it had a huge following like it did but you know come to find out as time went on you’re learning the following of the show and how dedicated fans are man is this is the great and humbling experience.”

Anything new coming up we should know?
Ward: “Yeah man, I’ve been doing a lot of writing myself I’m writing a script called The Saint, Three Brothers and Just Business. I got a lot coming up man and I’ve got five movies coming out this year.”

There were a lot of interesting Exhibitors in the Cabernet Hall with their amazing toys, props and sets. I came across a lot of Boba Fett costumes at this awesome Star Wars set. I interviewed Louie Cadena who was with Mad Mexican Studios.

grapeconWho are you and what’s going on in your booth?
Cadena: “I’m Louie Cadena Mad Mexican Studios today for the Lodi Grape City Con. I decided to make the Emperor’s throne room so we have the rose window that’s part of the Death Star. Here, the Emperor’s throne, this is where the Emperor would sit, you might have seen it on Return of the Jedi when Luke Skywalker battles of father Darth Vader and they fight right in front of the Emperor, so I was going for.”

How long did it take you to build the throne?
Cadena: “All together this probably took me between 2 and 3 days I had to work in the evening so over I think 3 days to make the chair and the backdrop.” said Cadena.