Snapchat: News source for millennials


News in the past decade has evolved – but not as much as it has recently thanks to Snapchat.

Snapchat has made a permanent mark on the social media world, becoming a main news outlet for millennials.

“I think that Snapchat has influenced millennials tremendously. Most people in their teens through twenties use their phones much more than they read newspapers and watch the news. With the constant use of cell phones, it gives these media outlets direct access to individuals,” said student Vince Borrego.

Snapchat’s “Discover” page features public Snapchat stories from CNN, Buzzfeed, ESPN, Cosmopolitan and plenty others.
In addition to this, Snapchat has stepped up its game in its “Live” Snapchat stories.

Events from around the world are now covered by citizen journalists in the middle of the action.

A new campaign titled “Good Luck America” is Snapchat’s coverage of the presidential election, shot and edited by the Snapchat team.

“I honestly don’t mind the public stories because it’s cool to see everything around the world and other cool things that people are doing,” said student Terra Barajas.

The idea of allowing the Snapchat user to contribute to the “live” stories everyone sees brings the best content to the table.

The Snapchat stories, public and live, are quality news intake. Information coming straight from CNN is put into a Millennial filter right to the user.

“I think that [Millennials] actually might be more informed because it is such a convenient outlet,” said former student Jonathon Cohen.

Early last year, notable political journalist Peter Hamby left his job at CNN to join Snapchat as Head of News. This was a turning point for the app and the people watching the evolution of news.

News intake is now a multifaceted entity. Information comes at us from