‘Deadpool’ breaks records during opening weekend


Deadpool” has broken many records in theaters during its opening weekend and the movie will continue to break more.

Fans were eager to see the movie when it was first announced and has been anticipated to be one of the biggest superhero movies this year.

Lead actor, Ryan Reynolds, has been pushing this movie to be made for about 10 years. It had a shattering opening record of $135 million that beat many contesters such as the Harry Potter series and other Marvel films.

What makes it unique compared to other Marvel films? “Deadpool” is among the first R-rated superhero movies ever to be made and the character in the movie isn’t the typical superhero.

Deadpool, also known as “the Merc with the mouth” is one of the characters in Marvel’s universe that helps people in his own ways.

The greatest feature about this character is his sense of humor.It isn’t just any type of humor but, it’s the humor that people will think it is inappropriate for children to watch.

The movie received good feedback from the audience saying that “it’s a must see” movie.Sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes gave a rating of 84 percent and another rating of 8.7 out of 10.

Compared to the comics, this movie was pretty accurate. There weren’t any changes that affected the movie. The movie got straight to the action and wasn’t a typical “how it all started” type of movie.

The cast for this movie was well chosen. There are some new faces and some familiar ones, such as Reynolds and T.J Miller.

The character was first introduced in the series of the X-Men films and was portrayed awfully, which changed the whole story.

It’s a good thing this movie was made after seeing some of the old X-Men films like “X-Men: Origins” that related to Deadpool and it was a disaster that made the character lose it’s reputation in the Marvel universe.

Since “Deadpool” is no longer owned by Marvel and is now owned by 20th Century Fox. It’s raised competition for other film studios to make better and more impactful superhero movies for the audience.

The movie will gain more popularity over the next few weeks and will become an icon for many fans.