Mustang Voice: Is social media good or harmful?

“It can be used for bad and good things. I found that when I’m texting someone… there’s not so many factors of communication present. It’s easier to talk smack… if you’re gonna talk smack at least do it to someone’s face. You can easily get away with that kind of stuff,” said Solaris Bow Stock.
“I think it’s 50/50. You’re able to text some- one and communicate with them but it’s kinda hard to meet people with everyone staring at their phones,” said William Beauchamp.
“I think social media can help but at the same time it can hurt. I think people are more “out there” on social media but in person they are more quiet,” said Daysi Diaz.
“It’s making the world a global village. I think it’s a good thing. I know people from different countries and it helps me keep in touch with them,” said Arooj Ricvi.
“It makes people more socially awkward because they feel they can be themselves online and make a fake persona. People don’t talk to each other anymore. If you go out on any campus to say hello people will look at you strange and give you dirty looks,” said Steve Reaves.