Conference looks to inspire future medical students


On Feb. 27 Delta College hosted the 2nd Annual Health Empowerment Conference put on by University of California, Davis.

This conference helps high school and community college students prepare themselves to advance to the university level for the medical field.

Francisco Mendoza, a second year student at UC Davis, said there should be more diversity in the medical field.

The San Joaquin County area doesn’t have as many resources as other parts in California, such as southern California of the Bay Area.

There were multiple workshops at the event.

The workshops were located in the Science & Math Building,

First floor the workshops, were based off advice, and guidelines for applying to a UC.
Wassim Hmieden, a student from UC Davis is studying to be a neurobiologist, said all majors are tough and people have to put a lot of time for their studies.

Tips to adjust to high level universities were provided in workshops on the second floor.

The students on the second floor from Davis advised other students, from their own experiences.

“The transition was difficult [coming from high school] and it took time to adjust, and you want to use all the time you got, and it might take awhile [to adjust],” said Gurprit Garcha.

Katayun Fethat, who transferred from a community college, said to go on the website of the university, you would like and look up requirements, so that you will be ahead. She also said to focus on yourself when it comes to your studies.

Financial aid sessions were also available.

Eduardo Bent Robinson said medical students should have two traits: endurance and perseverance.

“It will be difficult at times, and be enthusiastic, if you love what you do,” he said.
He also advised for students to get a mentor, to have someone good to help out with the tough medical classes.