#Trending: ‘Damn Daniel’ meme goes viral


By now you have probably heard the phrase “Damn Daniel.”

This is yet another viral meme taking the social media world by storm.

The two friends, Josh Holtz and Daniel Lara from Riverside California, put up a series of Snapchat videos featuring Josh walking up to Daniel and compliment- ing him by saying “Damn Daniel” in a humorous voice.

Josh shows his love for Daniel by complimenting his apparel including his white vans.

The original viral video includes nine clips of the Snapchat videos.

After the video took off, Josh and Daniel started to get recognized in the public and even received marriage proposals over social media.

The teens were recently guests on Ellen and received a custom surfboard as well as a lifetime supply of white slip-on Vans.

This year finally has its first Internet-breaking meme.

For those of us who love to share a good laugh with fellow social media-ites, this is our bread and butter.

For those of us named Daniel, not so much.

While Holz has received fame from his viral video with his friend, there are those who aren’t very happy with his fame.

In recent news Holz’s Twitter account was hacked sometime on Sunday. The hackers went and deleted the original video that Holz had posted. But they didn’t stop there.

The hackers also posted white supremacy videos and photos.

Holz later regained control of his account and apologized.

Holz also fell victim to “swatting.” An unknown caller contacted the police and said that there was a shooting at his home.