End of republican party looming


The Republican Party also known as the Grand old Party (GOP) may be reaching its end.

The entire country is witness to the change in face of the GOP with the two front-runners being Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. One considered the radical extreme tea party candidate, Cruz, and the non-politician, unapologetic reality star, Trump.

But the end isn’t purely because of the changing face, but rather at the failing roots.

Republicans have had a tough time defending their politicians for many years, the democrats are no exception, with their radical beliefs and ideas on economics and foreign policy.

The goal for the GOP has been to form a smaller government and reduce taxes, allowing states to govern themselves with oversight only in social matters. That is the true heart of the Republican Party, a republic America.

However, the party has begun to divide itself with what can be confused for extremist Christian beliefs heavily influencing the way they govern.

Various public incidents like Florida Governor and ex-presidential candidate Jeb Bush intervening with a husbands right to end life support for his comatose wife back in the early 2000s.

Even as recently as in the state of Indiana with the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” signed by governor Mike Pence, which in sense gave companies the right to discriminate based on their religious beliefs.

Granted polls and voting shows the populous of the Republican supporters are in line with these beliefs, so that is in itself a caveat.

There is too the media’s major role serving as educators and conduits to the political world.

This problem is two fold, by those who are doing their job well and those that are creating hysteria.

Rush Limbaugh and countless other “right wing” media push a wild agenda lacking fact checking.

Stubborn supporters who serve their beliefs rather than respect their position, and reporting important information necessary for the voting public and continuing racist opinion.

The “good” media also has its faults due to the excess of advertisement in media. The other media maintains consistent a critical bombardment and shaming of other news outlets. You would think pointing out the wild inaccuracy and lies of mysticism would persuade the nation to avoid such sources.

This has not been the case, they continuously grow stronger, especially in rural and southern America. Their messages of hate and fear echo to the voters who in turn select bad candidates who express these same fears.

Republicans currently control the majority of seats in Senate and have influence on government decisions, with people by the names of Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback and Rick Snyder.

Starting with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who took a state in the midst of a budget surplus and dug the state into a $940 million dollar deficit.

The state is currently left with the decision to cut medical care and education. State colleges are potentially of being defunded.

From the conservative ideas of cutting taxes for businesses and shortening funding for major social programs.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback cut taxes for business and individuals that caused less funding for education. This left the state in an economic crisis.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder enacted the emergency manager law, a bill that gives him autonomy over the state and the states elected officials. It means that he could veto the elections and appointed officials.

That appointed person has unilateral control of all authority in the town, this killed democracy in the state of Michigan.

This law created the issues severely harming the city of Flint and its water.

The actions of these governors reflect the GOP party, as do the current presidential nominees.

Donald Trump is dominating the primaries and is in line to represent the Republican Party in the general election.

The GOP is not supporting Trump due to him inciting crowd violence and his crude comments towards minorities.

In 1964, the Party dealt with the same situation when Barry Goldwater was their nominee.

Goldwater extreme ideals terrified them. There was an infamous add that features a lifelong legacy republican who spoke candidly about his fear of Goldwater becoming president.

GOP’s fears of Trump are identical to that of Goldwater’s.

Allegations of KKK support, his racist rhetoric and comparisons to Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler pay detriment to Trump’s image.

His supporters are turning away from the establishment and voting in line with the radical.

This isn’t to say that Trump becoming the nominee will in fact split and finally divide the radical to conservatism in the GOP, because that was what was believed when Goldwater was the candidate.

Time will tell, but things aren’t looking great for the party and it knows it needs to reevaluate everything inside the lines. Especially with another likely doomed general election against probable candidate Hilary Clinton beginning in June.