Mayor hopes to make city a destination

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva recently proposed a game plan for the future of Stockton.
This plan is called Stockton Proud.
Stockton Proud is a vision Silva wants and a plan that residents can feel proud to call home.
The goal of this plan is to have not only a safer Stockton but that is also business and family-friendly environment.
Silva lays out the ideas in a video posted on Facebook.The video includes information on estimated costs for each area Silva seeks to improve.
One of the topics Silva talks about in the video is a safer Stockton.
Silva wants a safer city and plans to start the use of police annexes in hot spots around town.
“Rather than people just call 911 and then we show up fifteen minutes later- Boom the police are already there ready to respond,” he said in a sit down interview.
Silva also wants to build Stockton as a tourist attraction.
“Stockton is geographically located in the perfect spot right between 99 and I-5,” he said.
Because Stockton is a city people pass through to get to areas like Lake Tahoe, Silva said he hopes to build downtown’s waterfront into something close to a boardwalk that may include a city walk, fun rides possibly a carousel and even games and food.
Stockton’s price of land recently went down and Silva hopes that investors will capitalize on the cheap land.
“To an investor it looks like opportunity,” said Silva.
Silva has big plans for Stockton but the question on everyone’s mind is where is this money going to come from?
“It’s a lot of debt to put in at one time,” said Robert Linson, a Delta student.
Silva plans to use state and Federal grants as well as private funds to build this improved Stockton.
People are interested in the ideas Silva’s Stockton Proud will possibly bring however, people including Linson said “promote things less flashy.” Linson is interested in “better police” too.
Stockton has seen a decrease in police officers and Silva says “the issue is something called retention.”
Student Yasmin Shehadeh agrees with Linson.
“I think we should focus on safety. There’s been a lot of crime,” said Shehadeh.
Silva also highlights there is a higher probability of criminals shooting back at officers.
“Stockton has to be known for something besides crime and bankruptcy,” said Silva.
Stockton has had it’s moments.
“I always say that Stockton is a city of second chance and dreams cause things can happen.”