Well-thought ‘Eldritch’ a storytelling showcase

March 18, 2016 1:25 am

“Rimers of Eldritch” is a play revolving around the religiously driven and morally deterred town of Eldritch, Missouri.

CAST FULL OF TALENT AND HEART: The cast during a performance of “Rimers of Eldritch” on March 11. PHOTO BY RAMIZ HADDAD

CAST FULL OF TALENT AND HEART: The cast during a performance of “Rimers of Eldritch” on March 11. PHOTO BY RAMIZ HADDAD

The plot mainly fixates on a mysterious case of murder while the direction non linearly shifts through various plot points throughout the play.

Eldritch’s dual presentation tells one part of the story until the lighting switches to the other half of the stage and tells an entirely different aspect to the plot.

Initially this scheme is hard to focus on but it grew with time when the story bounced between key plot points.

The story itself slowly reveals a sickening trait within most citizens of Eldritch.

It plays out as a mystery that expresses elements of drama, ambiguity, brief moments of dark comedy and more.

The performance and work done to construct the play was well done in terms of the tight and emotional acting (though, a tad stiff at first), wardrobe, dark tone, technical control, stage coordination and sound design.

A particular performance that captivated audiences was an extended monologue by Alex Ojeda playing the town bum under the name “Skelly Mannor” where he drunkenly begins to reveal key elements of the dramatic tale.

The actors eased into their roles, portraying their characters with poignancy and intensity while the atmosphere was set through a synth-based sound track and fog machines.

“This is my first time being on Delta’s drama stage. The experience has been amazing and truly a lot of fun. The cast is full of talent and heart. We put a lot of work and hours to make the play as best it can be. I remember the first thing we did as a cast was sitting down and reading the play together, analyzing every scene,” said Miranda Perez who plays Lena Truit.

Overall, the play was well-thought with the actors accurately representing the play’s shuffled emotions with little dissonance in the process of presentation.

What should be mentioned to those who are used to a normal play structure is Eldritch’s unorthodox story telling device that may have you scratching your head until the story melds near the climax.