Women’s voices being heard


Women’s Voices Being Heard is an program that occurred at Delta College on March 30 help women improve communication skills and help with job interviews. The presentation was part of a series of other Women’s History Month events.

“It is a forum about three women that can help better utilize women’s voices,” said Kathleen Bruce, Delta Speech Coach and Communications professor. Three panelists discussed topics. The topics discussed are methods on enhancing self-confidence, vocal delivery, and how to use effective language choices. Bruce was one of the panelist along with Adrianna Brogger, a Delta’s RTV Professor and KWIN radio host Amanda King.

“It’s a great event for anyone to learn to not to be shy and you can learn how to network. Most jobs are male dominated and this event can help women to be confident when it comes to competing with men when finding a job,” said Bruce.

During the event, King said “it does not matter whether someone has a squeaky, high, or deep voice that anyone can accomplish anything.”

King talked about the importance of having a strong voice.

“Some people are interested in radio, but they do not like the way their voice sounds on air. We shouldn’t have to worry about how our voices sounds, as long as you can connect to people, so that they’ll want to continue to listen to what you have to say,” said King.

Bruce proceeded to say, “Everyone has a voice and that no matter how old we get, some are still continuing to find their voice.” said Bruce.

An exercise that took place during the presentation included on where people had to introduce themselves to a partner and by simply stating what we do, without pausing.

Audience members had to speak as fluent and confident as possible.