MUSTANG VOICE: “How to stay with schoool post spring break?

“I’m have time for reflection to focus on what I need to do and start to like care about getting a job and try organizing things. People shouldn’t waste time and plan stuff out during break,” said Andrew Hopsin.
“No I didn’t get much done over the break the only thing stressful about the break were research papers, work impacted my studies because they knew I didn’t have school and expected to come in on my days off. Work took advantage of my days off from school. People shouldn’t lose track during break,” said Bill Ho.
“Being gone and coming back was just funny, Ceaser Chavez day was random day and it didn’t affect my schedule in a bad way I’m allot more refreshed after the break and feel its good to have those days off,” said Christopher McElmore.
“It’s really different it’s hard to study and stay focused now you forgot everything that your learning and your mind was used to of taking a break. It ruined the momentum of learning during spring break. During break keep practicing your work so you would know what to do for your classes,” said Quentysha Baul.
“I feel that I don’t come back with all the knowledge from break then previous days, and I need a few days recovery to come back. I feel like it’s affecting my school right now people aren’t really focus after spring break. People should focus on your school-work and study more during break,” said Alejandro Flores.