Highlighting Delta: Program gives students passion for fashion


Fashion is everywhere, everyone has their own sense of style.

There’s a difference between the people who walk past windows adorned in the newest trend, and those who stop and stare. The ones who stop are right at home in Delta College’s fashion program.

“The program offers students an opportunity to learn about the fashion world and to put that knowledge into action through events like the Nearly New Sale where they actually have to go find the inventory, price it, merchandise it, sell it and then market the events so they get a little bit of everything,” said Leslie Asfour, fashion professor and program chair.

Students have the option to take different classes when they join the program. Asfour said there are two sides to the program students can choose from.

There are design classes in which students can learn sewing, pattern making or illustration. There’s also merchandising , which includes retailing and pricing.

“It’s easy to just … express and show off your design and style. Like the teachers kinda give you that freedom to just do what you’re interested in,” said David Flores, who is the secretary of the Fashion Club.

The Nearly New Sale, Asfour mentioned, happens every semester.

The program receives the clothes from local retailers, manufacturers, family and friends to sell.

“It’s a really good program, you learn a lot,” said Nikiann Acevedo, a student in the program. “The best thing is that you get a lot of hands on which is really amazing. We get to be part of a big show which other places we might never have that experience.”

The “big show” is the spring fashion show, which happens every spring semester in May.

The fashion show is where the students get to show off the designs that they have been working on all semester.

This semester, the fashion show, titled “A Story of Fashion,” will be held Friday evening, on May 13.