Brewing up success one cold beer at a time


Channel Brewing Co. already successful before potential brewery launch this summer

The Channel Brewing Co. logo from Kickstarter page

Stockton is on the rise, a slow rebirth of sorts. People in the city are attempting to change its image, scenery and business.

Billy Chaddock is part of that change with Channel Brewing Co.
The company started out as a craft beer hobby for Chaddock. Then the Air Force veteran’s beer started to get a buzz.

“It all started with like a pipe dream. Like wouldn’t it be cool if we started a cover band, wouldn’t it be cool if we started a brewery?” he asked.

A conversation with his brother in law, after years of falling in love with craft brewing, led to the business.

The work in progress to create a space continues.

“It’s obtainable, it’s not that difficult to do. And Stockton has like zero beer culture and that’s what I want to bring to Stockton, try to put Stockton on the map as kind of like a reputable place for craft brewing,” he said.

Chaddock took to Kickstarter in hopes that the buzz would help them fund the company and bring it to a storefront. In late January, the Channel Brewing campaign finished with $42,651 raised from 269 backers.

This project is purely about beer and a passion, like a garage band getting their first local record deal.
Channel Brewing Co. is attempting to be more.

Chaddock said he wants to serve inspiration along with cold beverages to the residents of Stockton.
“Getting beyond the beer,” is the philosophy.

Chaddock said it’s “not just making beer and serving it to our customers but like bring something further in our business model to Stockton like educating people what quality beer is and also just like without the beer at all being advocates for the community.”

The company wants the platform to be used as an avenue and guide to what Stockton residents can bring to the city and community.

Channel Brewing Co., along with the “landlord” Ten Space Development in bringing new business to the downtown area, which currently isn’t very hip or populated post 5 p.m.

Beer can help engage people in the community and create a big-city downtown in the heart of a close-knit area.

Chaddock said Channel Brewing Co. is already engaging in community outreach with things for the library and art projects around the city. More is to come.

“As we continue to grow and open our doors and have a legitimate following we’ll be able to engage in the community a little bit more,” he said.

Chaddock hopes the company will open its doors this summer downtown, right next door to Cast Iron Grill Co. with a small partnership of serving food along with beer.

There is currently a waiting game for the City Planning Commission and ABC licensing to approve all the necessary logistics and legalities.

Channel Brewing Co. will host an event in downtown Stockton on May 14, teaming up with local artists to showcase art, beer, other local groups and business in Stockton.