Local coffee house offers students late-nights study spot


With the semester quickly coming to an end, do you have somewhere to sit down and hit the books?

Delta College students are getting ready for long study hours, so where does everyone go if they do not study at home?

“I usually go to Peet’s or Starbucks if I don’t go to the tutoring center,” said Gizelle Melo, Delta College student.

Although Stockton is not isn’t popular for its coffee shops,  students seek this type of environment to get their work done.

From studying alone or working with a group Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Tea and Empresso Coffeehouse are among the most popular places for students to go.

Not only are these places close to home but provide a quiet and working environment for students.

“I love going to Empresso because their coffee is amazing,  I like the atmosphere and with music and people in the background it provides a white noise I sometimes need to just concentrate,” said Alaina Rossi, regular visitor at Empresso and University of the Pacific student.

Empresso is located south of campus on the Miracle Mile.

When asking students on campus why these were their ‘go to’ study spots they all mentioned the close proximity that they are to the Delta Campus and hours of operation that run longer than the campus library, which allows for more study time when studying at home isn’t an option.

All are open later than the library which allows more study time when they cannot at home.  All the locations students like to visit most are within a three- mile radius and walking distance for some.

“Sometimes I go to  Starbucks because it’s closer to home,” continued Melo.

Yet the one place to have captured the student community is Empresso because of its welcoming vibe, music, events and availability.

“Hours of operation are important to students,” said Rossi.

Empresso is open everyday from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Students with busy schedules have somewhere they can sit down, study or simply get some reading done.

Empresso coffeehouse has become very popular according to students because it is somewhere to relax if they aren’t doing work and the extra furniture, like couches, make it a homey place to be. Events such as comedy nights allow locals to partake in stand-up and provide entertainment for the guests.

The coffeehouse walls are decorated with art from local artists, a variety of lights, provides wifi for its guests and a television for leisure time.