Mustang Voice: ‘What do you want from your commencement speaker for graduation?’

“Academically accepted, well rounded person who participated in campus and off campus activities such as sports, and club a confident person who is enthusiastic person,” said Natalie Delgado.
“I would want a commencement speaker. Someone who knows what there talking about inspirational, funny but still serious someone who knows what its like to struggle through things and showed that they worked hard, and have someone who connects to you,” said Stephen Jamora.
“I want something light hearted, a break from the seriousness, topical if they were to do the speech now it should be something related to the time that we live in [current Events],” said Rosario Contreras.
“I want to a commencement speaker who effectively focus and cares about other don’t be too over confident and respectful to others,” said Alyssa Palomares.
“I would like a commencement speaker who struggled and didn’t expect to be here at Delta and made it successfully, and I don’t believe gender and ethnicity should play a role but someone who generally couldn’t do the work, like an underdog, and put there own personality in the speech,” said Malaysia Reyna.