Samsung vs Apple


Samsung’s new line up of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge hit stores on March 11. Both of these phones have some new features that many would appreciate.

“I love my Android, I wouldn’t change it for anything,” said returning Delta College student Marce Munguia.

Samsung redesigned these phones with specs that there previously phones had and that there customers wanted.

“Fits everyone’s lifestyle,” said student Catherine Aranda.

The new lines up of phones are now water resistant. They also have the ability to add more storage. They come with a new design that fits very comfortable in your hand despite having a bigger screen.

Not to mentioned the improvement of the camera and the ability to wirelessly charge the phone faster than ever. All of these recycled and new features sound like a perfect recipe to make a great phone.

However, sales for these new phones were not as great as Samsung predicted. That’s not shocking because Samsung has been losing sales thanks to Apples ultimate phones know as iPhones.

Both of these companies have been in battle for many years now. They both want to dominate the smartphone industry but we can clearly see that Apple is winning the battle.

They have even managed to divide mostly everyone that owns a smartphone to Team iPhone and Team Galaxy.

Apple has sold over 774 million iPhone’s since it first debuted back in 2007. On the other hand Samsung has sold over 1.12 billion however these sales are not just based on the sale of the Galaxy line up because Samsung has other cheaper end phones that’s why Samsung has managed to stay in the market of smartphones.

In my opinion I think that Samsung does have some nice phones and great specs however, the design and operating system on them is not as appealing like the iPhones. Samsung phones seem to be very cheap and they are complicated to use.

“Simplicity is better,” said student Emmanuel Yepiz.

Unlike the iPhones were they are design very elegant and not to mentioned they are very simple to get used to and who doesn’t want simplicity.

Overall both companies make amazing phones but only one can be number one. Nonetheless if Samsung doesn’t do something to make their phones better Apple will continue to take their loyal customers and dominate the smartphone market because there phones just keep getting better.