No loyalty anywhere in sports


With different sports teams winning championships every year means a certain type of people come out from the shadows.

Bandwagoners seem to always pop up at the end of a team’s title run no matter the sport.

The one and done fans are a loyal team fans nightmare.

For example, when the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series, people came out of the blue to support “their favorite team.”

It’s not just the Giants, as some how the lovable 1980-1990s losers, the New England Patriots, from Boston, have found a fan base in California after winning four Super Bowls in 16 years.

The Chicago bulls lost it’s “loyal fans” when Michael Jordan retired, and jumped ship to the next best team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bandwagoners show no discrimination.

Even celebrities are known to jump ship every so often.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is seen in different jerseys and is memed on social media as a big bandwagoner.

While not being a loyal fan may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to a lot of social website arguments with people that have no life.

Some people will say that the non-loyal people are good for a team’s fan base because they help sell merchandise and fill the seats.

Of course when the team drops below the radar, the cult of followers tend to leave their wasted jerseys, caps, and lanyards in the closet until that team rises again.

Yet, no matter what a fan jumps out to join the celebration, there is always the loyal fan whose love for the team is questioned.

So how can something like this be stopped?

Easily just ignore it or welcome the Snoop Dogg wanna be into the group.

When it really comes down to it, the players have no idea who has been a life long fan, and most of them are playing for a team they were never fans of.

So in reality, while we spend hundreds of dollars to wear a duplicate jersey with a player’s name on it who may jump ship to a rival team in one year, or a flag to hang on our cars windows for a team that may relocate to another city, many may ask why are we arguing over something that is not loyal to the fans?