Clubs night promotes camaraderie


Student activities and a student driven volunteer committee brought some of Delta College’s most involved students together for a night of games, food and fun.

Thirty clubs were represented in this semester’s Club Night held on April 15 in Danner Hall.

“We want [the clubs] to know that there’s opportunities for us to support them. Here, they get to compete in different games to get money for their club and we just want them to know we’re here to support them and we’re here to encourage them to be leaders,” said Shayla Walker, student activities coordinator.

Club Night was a celebration of Delta’s different organizations and attendance was mandatory for all clubs.

Throughout the night clubs competed in friendly games to earn money.

“I think it’s good to have a sense of community around here. Before tonight I didn’t really know anybody in here, only a few AGS members and it’s cool to see other clubs and get involved with the whole community together. I think it’s cool everyone gets to see each other’s faces,” said John DeGunto, member of Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Danner was transformed into a lavish party decorated with balloons, music and Oscar’s-themed decorations. Student activities provide free refreshments and a dinner from Papapavlos restaurant.

“I think it’s good to have club night to celebrate everybody’s causes, ” said Brandon Jordan, co president of Delta Pride and member of the volunteer committee for Club Night.

Delta’s campus is filled with a diverse community of passionate students.

Events such as Club Night give them an opportunity to expand passions with fellow classmates.

“I think it’s a good way for students to kind of get to know each other, engage, have fun … also getting to know what clubs are out there. A lot of times we have all these clubs and they don’t know about each other so it’s a good way for everyone to connect,” said Walker.