Delta College teachers protest for fair contracts


On April 19, Delta’s campus became the host of a protest held by the two campus unions: California School Educators Association and the San Joaquin Delta College Teachers Association.

Signs around campus include slogans such “0 is the loneliest number.

Members of the Teachers association protest because the group and administration are at an impasse in contract negotiations. Union members said the district is not offering fair compensation.

Elizabeth Maloney, president of the SJDCTA, told the  at board of education that while the faculty increase the amount of students enrolling, take more students into theclasses and generally do what they can to rise to the challenges of a modern college in post-recession America, without much in the way of compensation.

arious contracts to be voted that night, would send hundreds of thousands of dollars towards other programs and institutions, such as Contract 4, which sends $20,000  to a legal firm named Hershfield and Kramer, which increases the amount of money already going to them up to $500,000.

That money, said Maloney could “pay all of us (the teachers) 2-3 percent on ongoing time,” which means a raise for staff and faculty.