Presidential primaries update: April 26


Tuesday, April 26 was the third “Super Tuesday” in the 2016 Democratic and Republican presidential primaries.

Five of the presidential candidates competed in Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island,  Maryland, and Pennsylvania, with 384 delegates up for grabs for the Democrats and 118 for the Republicans.

Donald Trump swept across all five states, slamming the door on any hope Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the “Stop Trump” movement might’ve had in denying his chances of getting the nomination of the party.

Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island, gaining 13 of the 24 delegates, however Hillary Clinton took the other four states and gained 206 delegates, leaving Sanders with 146.

Any road to the nomination for Sanders, disbarring another wild, stranger-than-fiction moment in this election cycle, has ended.

Sanders said he’ll stay in the race, in hopes of pushing the Democratic party and Clinton further to the left and keeping them there.

Trump now has 953 total delegates of the 1,237 required for him to secure the Republican nomination.

Clinton stands at 1,650 of the 2,383 delegates required to win the nomination, including flexible superdelegates, she stands at 2,151 of the 2,383 the Republican party does not have superdelegates.

It’s likely, that for the first time in American history two major political parties would nominate candidates with negative favorability ratings.

California’s primary is June 5