Trump, Cruz bring wives into politics


It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump has managed to turn the Republican Primaries into a media circus,  to be more exact he turned this into a media circus that derailed a long time ago is spinning out of control before what I hope is the final, climactic crash.

He’s flipped on every position, called for the killing of the members of ISIS’ families, can’t tell you what the nuclear triad is, and used not so subtle innuendo about a certain personal appendage of his, and all of it gets covered for weeks on the major news stations, often at the expense of the other, more stable candidates.

During debates he switches between the blustering bravado of a stereotypical New York mobster, and the infantile argument and debate tactics of a schoolyard bully, from interrupting, insulting, calling his opponents childish nicknames, and yes even going so far as to compare his wife to Ted Cruz’.

This whole new embarrassment started when supporters of the Cruz campaign made a meme out of one of Trumps wifes photoshoots, Trump retorted by saying he’d spill some “beans” about Cruz’ wife and when he couldn’t walk the walk he simply tweeted a meme comparing the two women’s looks.

Imagine how all of this looks on the global stage for America. An escaped oompah loompah and his rival, the Zodiac Killer getting into a tit-for-tat over each others wives appearances?

What do members of British Parliament make of this? Or the Canadian government? We already know Mexico isn’t a Trump fan. Here’s a better question, what does the international community make of the fact that Trump is the almost insurmountable front runner of the Republican primaries?

What is all this childishness taking away from the elections? How does Melania Trumps plastic surgery save a failing middle class? How does Heidi Cruz end the IS’ caliphate? What could this argument possible provide voters facing a bleak future?

While many things are said about Trump, true or otherwise, one thing is perfectly clear. Trump is an embarrassment not only in Republican politics, but to American politics and to America as a whole.

And someone should really tell Ted Cruz that if he wants to defend his wife and make people believe it, don’t rip lines out of the movie “The American President.”