Bieber gets attention for all the wrong reasons, again


The Biebs is at it again.

Justin Bieber can be described as many things: A wonderful performer. A pop sensation. Or a grade-A douchebag.

Everybody is talking about the Canadian singer: From when he talked badly about Prince on a Instagram post to that time he got arrested for egging someone’s house.

This is no exception. Sometime in the last week or so, Bieber was reportedly slammed into the wall and choked by rapper Post Malone in a nightclub in Houston.

The “What Do You Mean” singer apparently put out a cigarette on Malone’s arm and that caused Malone to lash out.

However, Malone disagrees with this as he said on his Twitter: “i love Justin y’all tripping lol. If we was fighting someone would have done something instead of just sit around while the biebs gets chokeslammed” (sic).

Fans have been in an uproar ever since they saw the photo of Malone choking Bieber. Even though Malone insists they were “just rough housing,” the fans don’t seem convinced.

Adding on to Malone’s post, Bieber himself took to Instagram and posted a picture of him choking Malone, all in good fun of course.

The news didn’t spread quite as fast as the pictures that came afterwards.

The photo of Malone choking Bieber sparked an interest in the fandom.

HistoricalPics on Twitter started the trend when they posted a picture of the scene in the nightclub, stating ‘it looked like a long lost renaissance painting.’

In reaction to this, fans reacted by making artworks on their own, which included a Photoshop version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

The Bieber Renaissance, they called the series of photos.

“Ahh, the classic ‘Choking of Justinius’ by Bieberangelo Duechebagus c.1654.” one of the comments said on Renaissance redditor Cocubed’s photo. “A masterpiece of genre painting. Bieberanglo captures a common tavern scene and juxtaposes it with an allegory to modern renaissance social culture.”

Bieber has trouble staying away from media.

On April 30, Bieber attended his father’s engagement party where he mostly spent the day with a Bengal tiger.

PETA, however, was pretty pissed at him for doing this. According to PETA, the tiger was brought in from the Bowmanville Zoo by trainer Michael Hackenberger, who is facing animal cruelty charges after he was seen whipping an animal.

PETA also released this letter addressed to the singer saying “exotic animals used for entertainment are usually town away from their mothers at a young age, beaten into submission by trainers and forced to love in cramped enclosures. We’re calling on Justin and his family never to use animals as selfie props or party entertainment again.”

Along with the tiger, there were also other exotic animals at the party.

Many of Bieber’s fans showed their disappointment commenting in his Instagram post of him and the tiger.

“How could you support this?” one comment said.

“Lol just when I was starting to like him, he gotta pet a drugged and tied up wild animal,” said another.

“Not a fan anymore because of picture, wow,” said another Instagram user on Bieber’s account.

In the sea of hate comments, you can spot however, fans that support Justin no matter what he does.

“Stop hating on Justin,” the comment said, in response to the hate comments. “He hasn’t done anything wrong, he hasn’t hurt the animal, you don’t know how it’s been treated, it might actually have a really good life so stop spreading [b-s*#^] and go and hate on someone who should actually be hated on so goodbye.”

Be thankful Justin, you have loyal fans that’ll support you no matter what.