Target doesn’t care who uses what bathroom


Target has done it again.

Taking a step in the more progressive direction, the retail store has decided to let transgender individuals use whatever gender bathroom they prefer.

This isn’t the first time Target defied the norm.

Last year, the popular retail store said it would remove the boy and girl label from toy aisles.

Now Target’s bathroom decision is causing backlash. American Family Association’s petition to boycott has garnered 1,161,448 signatures as of May 3 and is rising slowly by the hour.

Those who are against the decision have complained it gives perverts an excuse to dress like women and sneak into the bathroom and sexually assault women or children.

I believe that’s unrealistic.

Not to be harsh, but if someone wanted to commit sexual assault, they would do it.

A sign on a bathroom wouldn’t stop them.

They wouldn’t try to dress up as a different gender to do it.

I have friends who have been followed into the women’s bathrooms by men. Nothing stops people from preying on innocent people.

Genderless bathrooms are new, but the idea has been around forever.

We just called them “unisex.”

But since Target wants to change the name from unisex to genderless, people are having a fit.

Let me note that Target doesn’t have separate fitting rooms.

Men and women can all go into one area to try on clothes.

Someone can literally be stripping down next to a peeping tom, but no one has said anything about that.

Target’s decision is about letting transgender people go where they feel comfortable and where they won’t be assaulted or harassed.

Most likely you’ve already shared a restroom with someone who is trans.

You’ve probably even shook hands with someone who is trans.

I don’t see what the big deal is. You are only in the bathroom for five minutes tops, unless you’ve decided to drop a deuce, you’re only spending a few minutes in a bathroom.

If Target’s decision bothers you so much, then use your bathroom before you leave from home or work.

People are throwing fits over a Target bathroom, but you know what people should care about?

People should care about the fact that on April 24 at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware when a 16 year-old girl was killed in a bathroom at school by another group of girls

No one else tried to help her, no one went to get an adult and they all just recorded the fight on their phones.

It seems to me there are bigger issues to worry about than what bathroom a trans individual uses.