Facebook group goes beyond internet


Stockton 209 Cares, a Facebook-based community service group, is making headlines as a growing organization.

The group’s most “Cut’N’Clean” event took place at Columbus Park near downtown on April 24.

Here volunteers with the organization provided free hair cuts for the homeless as well as baths and grooming for homeless animals.

“We have a sign-in sheet for everyone at the event who may also need other things, like food, clothes, etc.” said Nancy Lamb, founder of Stockton 209 Cares.
Stockton 209 Cares is specifically targeting the city’s homeless community.

“We have two parts of it; families coming out of a shelter and others that are just in need … ,” said Lamb.

After being homeless herself a few years ago, Lamb wanted to help and became one of the founders of Stockton 209 Cares.

The organization has been active for one year and is in the process of getting its non-profit license.

“The great thing is that I know what the struggles are,” said Lamb.

From last year’s first “Cut’N’Clean” event having about 200 homeless sign in, this year brought a turnout of approximately 360 people sign in.

The number of volunteers have also grown going from 10 to 20 at this year’s event.

Stockton 209 cares holds events throughout the year to support the city’s homeless in hopes of making a change in their lives.

“Right now we are planning our back pack event that will take place in July, to support kids with a fresh start in the new school year,” said Lamb.

The organization will be donating backpacks for children with essential school supplies and similar events are being planned to provide assistance to those in need all year round.

“My family was struggling in the streets with nowhere to go and Stockton 209 Cares helped me and my kids … without them we would still be out on the streets,” said a woman in her review post on the organization Facebook page.

The online organization is completely volunteer based and allows anyone looking to lend a helping hand to participate.

Lamb encourages anyone interested in helping out by volunteering or donating, to contact the organization online or by phone. The information is provided on the Facebook page as well.