Local painter strives to inspire


Local artist Savanah Edgeworth has been creating art all her life.

Q: How long have you been painting?

S: Well, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. But as for painting, I started to get really serious about in high school, so for about six to seven years.

Q: What message do you try to get across with your art?

S: Everything has its own message. But as for my painting in the Art Gallery “Prison of Flesh,” it’s about being trapped inside of yourself, not being able to break out and so on. A lot of my paintings are just about expressing yourself.

Q: Who are your inspirations? These can be painters, musicians, etc.

S: My biggest inspirations are teachers Steve Ponte and Mario Moreno. Mr. Ponte inspired me to get into painting in high school, and Mr. Moreno, an art professor here at Delta, continues to inspire me. As for music, I listen to a lot of rock and indie.

Q: What makes your art stand out?

S: My paintings are usually of me, kind of like a self-portrait but with my own little twist to it.

Q: What would you say is the biggest challenge of being an artist?

S: Probably taking criticism and learning to not take it too personal. That and coming up with ideas on what to paint..

Q: That actually ties in to my next question: How do you come up with an idea for a painting?

S: Usually I just listen to music and sit in front of a canvas and just start painting away.

Q: Are you aiming at “making it big,” or is this just a hobby?

S: When you say making it big, I assume you mean being famous for my art. As for that, no. Unless my paintings get famous after I die like Van Goh or something. It is more than a hobby though, it’s my passion and my life. Actually, as for making it big, all I want is to become a teacher like Mr. Moreno and Mr. Ponte and inspire others to express themselves through art.

Savanah Edgeworth’s paintings are part of the Student Horton Gallery Art show and can be seen at the L.H. Horton Art Gallery on the first floor of the Shima Building.