Local task force helps protect Stockton citizens


The Junior Angels training Center had its grand opening in Stockton, California.

In attendance were the chamber’s ambassadors, Dynamic Leaderships tools, Caravan Gourmet Gifts and Haggerty Construction.

Mayor Anthony Silva attended the event as well.

The regional director of the Guardian Angels, Sean Rogers, gave a walk through of the center.

“This is our new Junior Angels Training Center focusing on after school tutoring self-defense training this will serve as a anti-bully Zone Activity Center,” said Rogers. “[We have] some of our self-defense gear that we’re going to be expanding on. We’ll have more here in the near future we’ll have more bags we have a martial arts mats and will be training young women and young men [in] self-defense and we’re also going to have self defense training for women that can come in and learn how to be safe with situational awareness and how to be safe on the streets.”

The Guardian Angels is all about keeping people safe in the streets and around the city.

“I think it’s wonderful, it’s a wonderful organization and I’m glad to know they’re here in town and helping people that need protection and training,” said Gloria Blaine, of Caravan Gourmet Gifts.

Many other important members of the Guardian Angels were in attendance for the event like David Lambert, the chapter leader for Modesto.

“I’m up here today to support the Angels here in Stockton where they really have an awesome chapter, our chapter in Modesto [is] little smaller we’re trying very hard to recruit members right now,” said Lambert.

Lambert has known about the chapter since the early 80s, but has only recently been involved with the Angels.

“It’s pretty much one of the greatest organizations, the center here is just incredible this is a real step forward not only for the Stockton chapter, but for all the Guardian Angels in Northern California we need more places like this where kids after school could be safe, for women and children can learn self-defense techniques and where people can just hang out and be in a safe place,” said Lambert.

The center is located at 8142 West Lane, Suite 110.

The chapter is always looking for volunteers to help the city.