MUSTANG VOICE: ‘If marijuana were to be legal in California would it be a benefit to anything or anyone?’

“The money that would come out of it, if we were to tax it just like we tax cigarettes or alcohol I think the money would be beneficial to help our economy,” said Xenia Ceja.
“No because it would affect the children from other people and also effect other people who work in society,” said Juan Carlos Tostado.
“Since it’s legal a lot of people are going to stop using it. It won’t be as cool so, people won’t think of it as much. There would be a different use for it,” said Juan Marin.
“If weed were to be legalized then people that are sick with cancer, won’t have to use the dangerous pills that are given by the doctors,” said David Luna.
“I think if it was legal it would benefit our state’s economy and it would also less populate prisons because they’re really over populated right now. So, if it was legal there wouldn’t be as many people flooding the prisons,” said Andrew Mckee.