“Ticket Master Operates Through Facebook”


Recently, Ticketmaster has begun selling tickets through Facebook, since Facebook is the most used social media website. Ticketmaster thought it would be a great idea to sell event tickets through Facebook. This leads to a much more easy access and a much more faster speed pace to getting tickets.

The company believes it will be a great idea to attract or grab Facebook users attention, since many other companies promote their ads through Facebook.

“I would only purchase tickets if the website is secure and trustworthy,” said Doris Amas, a Facebook user.

The website is secured and trustworthy. If you look up an artist on Facebook, it will show you what days and times the event is. It will also show Ticketmaster tickets for people to purchase.

According to Jon Park of Facebook’s product partnership, “We want to help not just people find events, but also get to events faster,” he said in an interview with Buzzfeed News.

“ I would definitely purchase tickets from Facebook as long as it’s an official site.” said Delta student, Brianda Raigoza.

Facebook has experimented with the messenger mobile app, that businesses can sell tickets through the app.

People will also be able to purchase tickets by clicking on a performers event or team’s Facebook page.

“ I personally do not use Facebook because I recently got hacked. But if I still had Facebook, I probably would utilize this feature as long as using Ticketmaster through Facebook has some sort of advantage or a discount. Or if this site saves me time and money. “ said Anthony Zerka-Delta Student

According to Buzzfeed, for every ticket that is sold on Facebook, they will collect an affiliate fee. But the tickets must be from the Ticketmaster website.