Good teachers versus bad one


Every college student knows there are different types of teachers in the school system.

It varies from those who work hard at their craft to those who are content in their effortless ways.

I’m the type of student who doesn’t learn from a teacher who records their lecture and lets the class watch it every semester. It’s just plain lazy.

And teachers who skip steps because they expect you to know it from previous classes do no justice either.

When I see a teacher who shows no effort or care I think to myself, where did the passion go?

Is it because of all those years you spent trying but gave up on the students?

A good teacher is someone who can captivate students and pull you in actively.

A teacher that isn’t afraid to take it to another level. I mean isn’t that what college is about?

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an impactful teacher.

A teacher that makes you rethink what you were so content on about a subject.

It’s the teachers who take their time to get to know all of their students, instead of them being just another paper they grade.

It’s offensive to me when I take a class and the teacher doesn’t make any effort to know my name. It makes us more likely to not show up to class because they wouldn’t even notice.

Nowadays a lot of teachers have trust issues from students cheating in the past. It’s to the point where they never give group work anymore so a big part of being involved in the class is left out.

We are in college to continue the process of growth in our education.

We need teachers who are willing to leave their comfort zone to make sure their students are able to get the experience and education they need.

Some students find it hard to learn from looking at a power point as the teacher sits at a desk with their clicker reciting what they wrote but not actually teaching it.

A good teacher would have a power point but can relate all the content to the class learning and getting them involved.

It’s the teachers who engage in their work and force you to pay attention with different ways they can show you about the subject.

One of my favorite teaching approaches is from John Dewey, a famous education reformer.

Dewey’s philosophy proposed that you aren’t learning from memorization, you’re learning by doing, engaging in the process and critical thinking.

This is where some teachers lack.

There are some teachers that in my eyes are just babysitters. They’re experts in what they know but aren’t teaching guides.

There was a time where I had to teach myself a subject because the teacher wasn’t someone you could approach or didn’t quite answer my questions correctly.

It’s just another teacher with poor people skills and is content in everything they teach.  Teachers should be able to adapt to their students almost like clay, moldable and conforming to anything. Although this may be hard, it is crucial for an impactful environment to be engaging.

For example, a good teacher should be inviting to questions. There are some teachers who tell you to wait till after lecture or when you have questions about the homework, they’ll say homework is for home not class time.

I guess these teachers think they’re teaching “gods” and their teaching is already good enough.

The teachers that say go read it in the book at home but never discuss it in class, must also think we automatically understand what we’re reading when we have no clue.

People tend to always blame students for their grades and efforts.

But for once stop and think: It could be the educator who doesn’t give a study guide and adds last minute content for you to study a day before the exam.