Local Talent: Band plays for fun, not fame


“In The Meantime,” a band featuring lead singer/front man Richard Sepulveda, is our featured artist this issue.

The interview took place in a fast paced, running late type of car ride.

But before questioning started, Sepulveda said he had to practice singing some of the songs he was covering.

“I’m going to be on stage in fifteen-minutes” he said. “God, I sound like such a rock star, huh?”

Sepulveda cranked the radio up and sang along to 1990s rock songs by Sublime, Janes Addiction, Pearl Jam and more.

However, his singing was occasionally interrupted as he cussed and yelled at the drivers he was tail getting. “Come on, Guy! Let’s go!”

After Sepulveda finished practicing, the interview started.

Q: What made you want to be in a band?

R: I wanted to do something with the talents I was blessed with. I always sang in the car and around the house, but never did anything else with it.

Q: So you never sang in any high school bands?

R: No. I always felt that I belonged on stage doing something, like acting or singing. So I sang in my car and around the house for twenty years before I started looking for a band to get together.

Q: And how did you do that?

R: One night I just got up off of my couch and put up an ad on Craigslist. And by ten o’clock the next morning, I had four guys that wanted to join. And six years later, we are still playing together.

When we arrived at the fairgrounds, Richards’s road rage really started to kick in as he tried to make it through the parking in the middle of the last day of the Asparagus festival.

We eventually made it. “In The Meantime” set up equipment on stage before playing plenty of 90’s songs that had the older and even younger generation dancing along.

This isn’t a band of College Students trying to make it big.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But members of “In The Meantime” are middle-aged men with families and a career.

“We’re all grown up,” said bass player (will get name tomorrow) after the show at the 2016 Asparagus Festival. “We aren’t trying to conquer the world. We just play for fun.”