Mustang Voice: ‘If the election were to start today, would you vote for one candidate to stop the other from being elected?’

“Yeah, more than likely. Both candidates are pretty terrible in my opinion, personally. I’d rather vote for Gary Johnson or some other third-party candidate; but if it came down to the two primaries right now, yeah, i’d for sure vote for one just so the other can’t win,” said Brett Miller.
“Yes, I would because I honestly don’t like either. But if i had to vote for one or the other, just because i dislike the other more,” Clay Jocson.
“Yes, i would because if you think about it, if you vote for that candidate, that you want to get voted, you’ll make them win. Instead of making the one because your vote as well,” said Bibiana Cardenas.
“No, I wouldn’t want to see any of them; but if i would pick one i’d say Hillary. Because Trump would not be a person trusted. He’s a flip flop; he says one thing then says the other,” Anthony Breckonridge-Gil.
“Yeah, I just wanted to see if what he was saying the truth. He’s saying he’d make America great again, so i want to see if he can prove what he is talking about. I don’t know about a female being president right now,” said Joseph Landis.