Pacific Bowl opens college night



With the fall semester in session, businesses such as Pacific Bowl have opened up their doors to students for a night of bowling and friends.

Pacific Bowl holds college night during the week.

Every Thursday after 9 p.m. until 12 a.m. the bowling alley welcomes students in the area to bowl and mingle with other students.

“It’s a safe place to hang out with friends looking to let off some steam in a good way,” said Megan Tomei, web designer for Pacific Bowl.

“I like to bowl and my friends like to get together on college night because it’s almost the weekend and the deal is great,” said Cori Sakoda, a Pacific student.

Games are $2.50 each per person while the shoes are  $1, just present any form of college identification to qualify for the discount.

Not only are the games and shoes cheaper, but for the 21 and over crowd beers are $2.

The bowling alley can hold 160 people and the lanes do get packed with fraternities, sororities, sports teams, and other groups of students looking to have fun.

“It’s especially great for new incoming freshman to come hangout and make some new friends,” said Brandon Bell, a Pacific student who comes to college night every so often with his friends.