Football looks forward to advancing


The Delta College football team looks forward to advancing this season.

Last year the Mustangs ended the season with a five game winning streak, and a 7-4 record.

It was Delta’s first winning streak since 2012.

“Last year is what we expect and more, we got a lot of good players, and were looking to a great season,” said Head Coach Gary Barlow.

Delta’s leading players quarterback Arnold Kimble, halfback Evan Owens, and receiver Jaxon Wagner are now done with football at Delta.

“We’re galvanizing, we got some new guys the team is getting better and they look pretty good,”  said Assistant Head Coach Doug Murray.

As of now, the quarterback position decision is split.

“We have two returning quarterbacks, Jake Pruitt and Logan Lopes, and both are doing a good job,” said Barlow.

The two will split the quarterback position, until announced otherwise.

“The connection is good, there is no hate between us. We’re good friends we both want to play good and win games, the connection with the players are good, and we play well together,” said Pruitt.

Even though, the decision is split between the starting quarterbacks, the players are both showing their professionalism for the team.

“Surprising were not looking into it and we been competing for a long time and bring it every single day,”  said Lopes.

On Aug. 24, Delta College played a scrimmage game against San Francisco City College, the current State and national champion.

“The confidence is up you can see people coming in wanting to work,” said Pruitt

Though a scrimmage game, the game was played with full contest.

“We held our own, we were very competitive, I’m pretty sure they were subbing guys like we were subbing guys, but we held our own and while on the road,” said Murray
Barlow said the defense held it’s own.

The team already had its first loss for the season trailing by three points with the score being 28-25 against Sacramento City College.