Jaden Smith is dead — again


Rumors about the death of Jaden Smith have been circling around once again.

Months ago, the death about Will Smith’s son spread around like a wildfire, claiming Jaden had a fatal snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

This time, the 18-year-old supposedly committed suicide.

But from what? Many said it was because of cyberbullying, others speculated it was because he was called out of his possible homosexuality.

“I think it’s a weird trend to start these kinds of rumors, because this isn’t the first person I’ve heard this about.” Said Jaclyn Libhart, a student at Delta College. “I’ve actually heard rumors of this kind about his [Jaden’s] dad, so it’s especially odd that it’s about Jaden this time.”

On Sept. 15, Smith posted a picture of a dead rose and fans were speculating that it was his way of saying goodbye.

There was also a video floating around of Smith supposedly “saying goodbye.”

Not everybody believed this, however, saying it was just a publicity stunt, which seemed to be true.

The rose turned out to be just a rose, and the video was just click bait, which lead people to a page that required them to enter personal information.

Despite all the rumors, Smith proved time and time again that he was very much alive.

Other than the fact he is active on social media, Smith was also seen at the Suicide Squad movie premiere with his father, Will Smith.

The younger Smith reacted to the rumors with an interesting statement.

“Jaden is okay with the death hoax, because to him, it shows that people actually care about him,” said a source from Hollywood Life. “He is using it as a badge of honor, like you haven’t made it until you are involved in a death hoax.”

His father, however, had a different reaction.

According to hofmag.com, Will Smith debunked the rumor by revealing that they were on a family vacation in London for Jaden’s birthday.

Rumors such as death hoaxes are common with celebrities, it can’t be avoided. Betty White, for example, has apparently died eight times in the past couple years. Steve Burns, the original host of ‘Blue’s Clues’ apparently died in a car crash a few years ago, but today he’s still alive and kicking.

One can either complain about them, or like Jaden, accept it with pride.

“I don’t really believe those things,” said Brenna Mcleod, a Delta student. “Reoccurring themes are hard to believe because it’s not a solid story and anyone can be making it up.”